Personalised packages

Personalised Packages

We cater to you! Whether you want training and exercise for your dog or just training, contact us today and we can put together a personalised package for you and your dog.


  • One-on-one training for your dog to suit their training needs with a personalised training program. Chat to us today to discuss the amount of training sessions you want.

  • Exercise based on what your dog needs, this can include walking/play/scent work. We can do training & exercise bundles as well as just exercise packages.

  • Training treats for each session

  • Training can be with you and your family or when you are all out.

  • After each session, you will receive a detailed summary on your dog’s progress and what you need to do to further the training.

  • Prior to the consultation, you will receive a behavioural assessment form. This will help us to gain as much information as possible to help you and your dog.

We service the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. A travel fee may apply for out of these areas. Contact us for details.