Puppy Program

  • 5 week program, one session per week. All are private in-home sessions.
  • First session is 1 hour, then 4 x 45 minute sessions (following first session).
  • Consisting of theory and practical.
  • Puppy info pack & graduation certificate at last session
  • Preparation work prior to each consultation.
  • Brief session report emailed to you after each consultation, outlining what we covered.
  • On-going support (training never stops!)
  • Training treats for each consultation.
  • Follow up phone call/email one-two weeks later once 5 sessions are complete.

Payment upfront (before first consult)


*Fee includes one puppy, a $15 fee will be added on per extra puppy, per session.

What we cover:

  • Theory:
  • -Positive & force-free training
    -Marker/release cue
    -House training
    -Separation anxiety prevention
    -Resource guarding prevention
    -Dog to dog socialisation
    -Impulse control
    -Enrichment & stimulation
  • Practical:
  • -Sit
    -Focus tools
    -Creating positive vet visits
    -Recall – ‘come’
    -Loose lead walking
    -Place – ‘bed’
    -Leave it
    -Tug with rules
    -Two tricks
    -Exercises for appropriately greeting and walking

We service the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. A travel fee may apply for out of these areas. Contact us for details.