How dogs learn and understand their environment plays a crucial part in how Amanda approaches training. Each dog has their own sized world with what they can cope with, this is why training at their pace is so important to create confidence and growth in each dog.

Amanda believes in seeing each dog as an individual, with their own individual needs. Each dog, like humans, has their own temperament and personality and by understanding your dog and their specific needs, this can create an incredible bond between you and your dog. Amanda’s passion is to help the relationships between owners and their dogs.This plays a massive part in setting owners and their dogs up for success with training.

Amanda uses reward-based methods, meaning there is no pain, intimidation or fear involved. By using Positive Reinforcement, we find out what is most motivating for your dog and use this to reinforce the behaviours we are wanting. By reinforcing the behaviours we desire, they have a higher chance of occurring again and therefore decreasing the undesirable behaviours from occurring. It is so important to provide our dogs with as much information as possible so we can guide them in a humane way into making the correct choices and setting them up for success.

Amanda has always had a passion for animals. She started working with farm animals and clicker training goats. Then followed her dreams to Canada where she worked at Whistler Animal Shelter, gaining experience with rehabilitating rescue animals and also worked as a dog walker in the local area. This is where Amanda’s passion grew even more. Since returning home to Australia, Amanda pursued dog training, where she worked at a dog boarding kennel, becoming a Manager and gaining a Dog Training & Behaviour Certification. Amanda’s passion for animals has also continued with horses, as she successfully completed an Equine Assisted Learning Certification through Equine Connection and Leading Edge Life Skills.

We service the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. A travel fee may apply for out of these areas. Contact us for details.