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Does your dog need extra stimulation to keep their busy mind healthy and occupied?

Are you and your dog needing help with basics and obedience?

Are there specific behaviours you and your dog need help with?

Have you got a busy family and can’t bear the thought of taking on another activity?

This is where we come in!

Private in home consultations

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Here at Amanda’s Dog Training Services, our number one priority is the welfare of each dog and animal in our care. It is so important to gain the dog’s (and owners!) trust and respect. This is why we need to look at each dog as an individual. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for each dog and owner to learn and grow. It is crucial dogs are in a zone where they are able to learn and take in new information in order for training to progress. We want to help you and your dog strive and learn together.

We service the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. A travel fee may apply for out of these areas. Contact us for details.

DOG TRAINING – General Reading

Loose-lead walking

Teaching dogs to walk nicely on a lead is so valuable. Not only is it more enjoyable for you and your dog


Building a strong association to the word ‘come’ is so important for a solid recall.


These are our basics; such as sit, drop and stay. They are really important for our dogs to know to create good manners and help with self-control.

Confidence building

We want our dogs to feel confident in the outside world and to have resilience when they might face some more stressful situations.

Dog to dog reactivity

It is important to understand your dog’s threshold and triggers and signs that show they are uncomfortable.